9 Top Tips on Writing Winning Subject Lines That Get Your Training Course Emails Opened

There are three things that will get your training management system email campaigns opened more then any other factor:
1) The recipient knows and trusts the name

2) They have received the email before and found the content valuable

3) They like the subject line

And it's the third point we're going to discuss today.

Even if you know that your recipients know, like and trust you and the content you provide it still doesn't guarantee that they'll open your emails.

However, add a fantastic subject that gets them excited and you'll almost certainly be on to a winner. A great subject line can increase open rates by over 10% so there's a real value to you and your business to understand how to construct and then spend time writing fantastic subject lines for your email marketing campaigns.

So, to help you write winning email subject lines that get your emails opened then follow these 9 top tips:

1) Use personalization

By adding your recipients name to the subject you can guarantee they will read it at least. There's nothing that grabs your readers attention more then they're own name.

2) Make it relevant

Although you may be tempted to send out a quick and easy generic email to your whole database. STOP. Don't do this, you're more likely to get unsubscribes then opens. Target the subject line to a specific section of your database and engage them with information you know they'll be interested in. Eg If you sell cars, then identify everyone who bought a BMW and send an email saying - New BMW Available. First look here.

3) Add an expiry date

By adding an expiry date to your subject line you can get some urgency and tell people about an offer about to expire.

4) Cap up each of the first letters

By capping up the first letter of every word, your email subject line stands out from the masses. It also makes it easier to read when scanning through a long list of dull emails.

5) Stick to 75 characters or less

Keep subject lines short. Often, in some email clients they won't get fully shown which can mean your subject takes on a whole new meaning 'Order your TV today or you'll get it...' doesn't look great... When you meant it to read; "Order your TV today or you'll get it after Christmas".

6) Vary it

Use a selection of these tips and vary what you write in the subject lines. Although you want to familiarize your recipients with certain features, by changing it around you keep sparking their interest.

7) Use top tips, discover how or Golden rules

This is one of the best ways to get your emails opened. Online, people love to learn how to do things and by adding tops tips or Golden rules it's a sure fire way to get your emails opened.

8) Don't make it spammy

Never ever lie or try and use false information in your email subject line to get people to open it. Saying they'll win a years free supply of chocolate and then not offering that will get you placed in the junk folder faster then you can eat a mini Mars!

9) Use numbers

Adding numbers is always a great way to bring any content alive. For example, 10% of people never go travelling or 30 high street companies go bust.

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