Samsung Note 2 Galaxy - New Portable Device

Samsung will unveil a new portable device: Note 2 the Galaxy?

The giant South Korean electronics Samsung Electronics said Friday they would unveil a new mobile device in late August, just weeks before the expected release of the iPhone 5 by its fiercest competitor, the Apple.

The new device will be presented on Aug. 29 in Berlin, two days before the big event of the European sector, the IFA.

For analysts, this is probably the newest version of its Galaxy tablet. Product, launched in October 2011, is a tablet of only 5.3 inches, so halfway between the size of a mobile phone and a tablet. It is used also as a phone too.

Running the new operating system Android (Google), Ice Cream Sandwich, the tablet is equipped with a stylus, which itself has an eraser, to more easily take notes and erase them.

"It is very likely that this is the Galaxy Note 2," said Greg Roh, an analyst at HMC Investment Securities. But this ad is not necessarily linked to the new version of the iPhone scheduled for September or October, he said.

"Samsung is trying to maintain its reputation as number one on the smartphone, and it wants to prove he still has something new to show consumers," added the analyst.

Apple has it sold 26 million smartphones during this period and its market share totaled 17.8% against 18.4% a year ago.

Samsung and Apple is currently facing a federal court in San Jose (California).

U.S. group calls for more than $ 2.5 billion, accusing its South Korean rival of copying its designs and other patents. For its part, Samsung accuses U.S. of violating some of its own patents.

The trial, which began Monday, is to disentangle these cross charges.