5 Reasons Why Google Plus Will Never Take The Place Of Facebook

With the launch and humungous growth of Google Plus, many people have begun to think that Facebook’s reign of the social networking world may be (relatively)soon close to be being over. Is this because people are infatuated with Google Plus? Or because of people disdain hatred for Facebook (some people, not everybody) and what the new social platform can do to their lives.
A lot can be learned from the last F8 conference. Mark Zuckerberg, even though he can be really “awkward” (I guess that just depends on what you think awkward really means), has all ears on him once the big screen of Facebook appears behind him, and he’s walking back forth on stage – you pay full attention. This is true whether you think he is being awkward or not. This is because you know that what he is saying is going to be important. Anyways, I digress, but this brings me to my first point…

Microsoft’s Latest Innovation “OmniTouch”, Turns Any Flat Surface into a Multi-Touch Screen

At a user interface symposium this week in Santa Barbara, Calif Microsoft Research presented their new technology that will transform any surface into a touch screen. This new technology is dubbed as OmniTouch and it is a wearable system that enables multi-touch input on “arbitrary, daily surfaces.
Hrvoje Benko of the Natural Interaction Research group at Microsoft added that “We wanted to take advantage of the terrific surface area the real world provides”
This technology unites a depth-sensing camera and laser-based pico projector, the latter not like Microsoft’s Kinect camera for the Xbox 360. But it has been re-designed to function at short range.

Google Music Store–The Final Destination For Your Tunes

There is a new buzz in the industry; the launch of the much awaited Google music store.  According to several opinions this is a move seen to counter competition from Apple iTunes and Amazon.com. There is a lot of speculation of the opening of this facility and the names of companies with which the company will have a tie-up to sell their music. Reports are doing rounds of impending deals the company is in the process of signing with some of the biggest names in the music industry. It is widely understood that a lack of this will however affect the project’s viability especially to sustain the existing competition From Apple Inc. and Amazon.com.
Reports are doing rounds that despite efforts to sign deals with big music corporations like Sony Music and Warner Music Group Google music store is yet to finalize any formal agreement so far.  The only agreement that has been signed is with EMI Group even though this has not been officially confirmed. Among the various facilities available here users will be able to access the Music Beta facility; with this users will be able to store their chosen music in the cloud and then download the same onto their various devices. These will include smartphones, tablet PCs, laptops and desktops. Though this service was released earlier on its availability was not feasible owing to the lack of music resources. So far users cannot buy or download any music from the facility; but here they can store their own music and sort out the playlists.

A Tribute To Apple's Steve Jobs

For the past two weeks, Apple has been collecting messages to and about Steve Jobs at rememberingsteve@apple.com. The most moving of those can now be seen on a simple, scrolling page atapple.com/stevejobs. You can still send a message if you haven't already, or read through the rest of the world's farewells. [Apple via GigaOm]

GMusic Is a Native Google Music Player for the iPhone

iOS: GMusic is a new native iOS app that streams music from your Google Music account right to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. It can even download songs for offline playback, something that the previously mentioned webapp provided by Google is unable to do.
GMusic is available in the iTunes App Store for $1.99, and the developers call that the "introductory price," so if you're interested, you may want to get it now. The app loads quickly, looks like iOS's native music player, and gives you access to all of the songs you've uploaded to Google Music. Tap any song to start playing, and tap the blue icon next to the song name to download the track locally so you can play it when you don't have a data connection or your signal drops.

Worms Ultimate Mayhem-SKIDROW

Release Date: 28-09-2011
Protection: Steam
Game Type:Action
Disk(s): 1 DVD

Worms: Ultimate Mayhem is the definitive 3D "Worms" game Load your weapons and experience a whole new dimension in destructive turn-based cartoon action Taking the game into 3D creates all-new strategic and gameplay possibilities. With over 70 single-player missions an challenges, online and local multi-player for up to 4 players, 5 multi-player modes, Steam Achievements, unprecedented customization of both worms and weapons, and fully destructible environments, it's bursting with anarchic mayhem. Battle and puzzle your way through all of the missions from both "Worms 3D" and "Worms 4: Mayhem" - it's essentially two games in one. With the addition of HD visuals, gameplay enhancements and new extra content, it is the ultimate 3D "Worms" collection


    FIFA Manager 12-P2P


    Release name: FIFA.Manager.12-P2P
    Size: 6.83 GB
    Genre: Sports Simulation
    Publisher: Electronic Arts
    Developer: EA Sports
    Release Date: 10.2011
    Language: ENG
    Release Description:

    FIFA MANAGER 12 that will be released this year is the eleventh edition of the franchise, and clearly focuses on the offline mode and offers a huge number of more than 700 new features and improvements.As a manager in FM12 you have complete control over the management of a modern football club. In the game you are responsible for the line-up, the tactics and training of your team, for signing the right players and the extension of your club facilities and the stadium. The special highlights in FM12 are the FIFA license, the FIFA 3D engine, more than 41,000 licensed players, 13,000 of whom come with original player pictures, the player manager and national team manager mode, the Create-a-Club mode and the Match Prognosis Tool as well as a unique, comprehensive editor.

    The Sims 3 Pets-FLT


    Release name: The_Sims_3_Pets-FLT
    Size: 4747 MB
    Genre: Simulation
    Publisher: Electronic Arts
    Developer: The Sims Studio
    Release Date: 18.10.2011
    Language: ENG
    NFO: Here
    Release Description:

    Players take creativity by the reins and play out the stories they want to tell whether it�s the single guy in the dog park picking up women or the criminal overlord and her evil cat. Across all platforms, The Sims 3 Pets players will be able to create, customize and control over a hundred different kinds of cats and dogs like the Australian Shepherd and the Maine Coon, and can breed and share them with friends providing endless possibilities to create new and exciting breeds. Each platform brings a new world for players to explore from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions where players will unlock achievements by solving mysteries around town, the Nintendo 3DS with new lots to unlock to the PC/Mac version where they�ll be able to take their pets on play dates or meet other Sims at the dog park, cat jungles and even a horse ranch. With The Sims 3 Pets, players will be able to create, control and play with life with their pets.

    Android’s Most Popular Game Emulators Pulled from Market

    If you've got any of the popular "oid" game emulators, like Nesoid, Snesoid, N64oid, or Gensoid, then you may want to make backups of them now and take care not to delete them. Google's removed them all from the Market, as well as revoked all developer rights from their creator, Yong Zhang. Since this isn't the first time an emulator's been pulled from the Android Market, it's probably safe to say that anybody who has any game emulator already installed on their device should keep it there, or they may not be able to replace it later.

    How to Turn Your Android or iPhone into a Portable Retro Game Arcade

    Whether you're looking to relive the past or experience the origin of gaming you missed in your youth, your Android or iPhone can take you back to Mario's salad days, the birth of the Final Fantasy series, and much more. Here's how to get started with retro game emulation and turn your phone or tablet into an arcade in just a few minutes.
    While contemporary video games have come close to cinematic masterpieces, there's often nothing better than the fun and simplicity of retro classics. If you've never jumped into the world of emulation, this guide will take you through the very simple basics and have you up and running right away. We'll also take a quick look at ROM hacking so you can power up your emulation experience as well.
    By the way, should you prefer to get this set up on your computer instead, check out this guide.
    Before we get started, let's go over the basics. When you're talking about retro game emulation, you need two basics things: game ROMs and an emulator that can play them. A ROM is simply a copy of a game that exists as a file on your device. An emulator is an application that's capable of playing that ROM file on your device. Basically, you can think of a ROM as a virtual game cartridge and an emulator as a virtual console. Now that you know what you're dealing with, let's get started.

    Get Your Emulators

    Finding an emulator is pretty simple, but you may prefer some emulators over others. We're going to include our favorites for various platforms and, in some cases, a few alternatives if there's a good reason to check them out as well. If you are looking at an emulator we didn't recommend, remember that accuracy, performance, cheat code support, game pad support, and cross-platform compatibility are all things you'll want to consider.
    How to Turn Your Android or iPhone into a Portable Retro Game ArcadeIMPORTANT NOTE ON THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN iOS AND ANDROID: Emulation on iOS requires jailbreaking. We won't have links to our iOS emulator recommendations for that reason. All you need to do, however, is open Cydia (the jailbreak app store) on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and search for the recommended option. From there you'll be able to download it and use it no problem.
    Additionally, third-party controller support (like the Nintendo Wiimote) works differently on iOS and Android. Controller support is generally built into the app on iOS, but on Android you need to add a separate app that connects controllers as input devices. (If you have an Android tablet with Honeycomb 3.1 or later, however, you can connect some controllers via USB as well without the need for a helper app.) We'll discuss controllers a bit later, but in the following sections assume any reference to controller support refers to iOS.

    Easy Way To Turn Your Windows 7 Any Version To Ultimate

    Hello dears today i am gonna telling you a new thing i.e. how you can convert your windows 7 any version to ultimate version easily without formatting your pc.we know that Windows 7 ultimate is that such version where you can everything rather than the other version of windows 7 such as-

    • Personalization
    • Different Themes
    • Windows Media Center and many other functions

    Generally now a days whenever we buy our pc or lappy from the store we can see that there is the OS of windows 7 Home Basic edition which is pre-builted by the respected company and in this edition you cant get the functions that I have listed above.Now i can guess that you are little bit excited how to convert your pc OS to windows 7 Ultimate edition without formatting your lappy or pc.

    Red Faction Armageddon-SKIDROW


    Release name: Red.Faction.Armageddon-SKIDROW
    Size: 7.48 GB
    Genre: Action
    Publisher: THQ
    Developer: Volition
    Release Date: 15-10-2011
    Language: ENG
    NFO: Here
    Release Description:

    Half a century after the Red Faction resistance freed Mars, the red planet again becomes a battleground. Colonists struggle for survival in the underground mines after the surface is rendered uninhabitable. When Darius Mason, grandson of revolution heroes Alec Mason and Samanya, unknowingly releases a long-dormant evil, Armageddon is unleashed on Mars. As settlements are torn asunder, only Darius and the Red Faction can save mankind. The battle will take them to the core of the storm-blasted planet through ice caves and lava flows until they are face to face against the unspeakable threat.

    Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon iPhone 4S network speeds compared (video)

    If you’re trying to make your iPhone 4S buying decision based on network speeds, iDownloadBlog has made a helpful comparison video (above). The test shows the loading of websites and also runs the speed test application on all three networks.

    Google Music Store to Compete with iTunes in Near Future

    Five months ago, after failing to reach agreements with record labels and publishers, Google launched a cloud based music service that was essentially a cloud based locker service for individuals who already owned music. Prior to launching the scaled down service, Google had negotiated with the music labels for over one year and eventually offered them $100 million for the rights to sell their music. At the time, Jamie Rosenberg, who is in charge of digital content for Google’s Android platform, said the following of the impasse:
    “Unfortunately, a couple of the major labels were less focused on the innovative vision that we put forward, and more interested in an unreasonable and unsustainable set of business terms.”

    Tablet app puts Braille keyboard at your fingertips

    The lack of tactile feedback makes typing on a touchscreen difficult at the best of times, but the problem is even worse for blind and visually impaired users. That's set to change thanks to Adam Duran, a student on a summer course at Stanford University who has come up with aBraille keyboard for tablets.
    The standard QWERTY keyboard on most tablets requires you to find small keys on a smooth, glass screen without any touchable clues to guide you. Instead, Duran's app offers a standard eight-key Braille keyboard that appears wherever you place your fingers on the screen.

    Three-way race to reach lost Antarctic lakes

    Antarctic researchers are set to make first contact with long-lost lakes deep beneath the continent's ice – closely followed by second and third contact. Three expeditions will attempt to enter the hidden lakes over the next two years, in search of unknown kinds of life that have evolved in isolation. The projects could also determine if or when the west Antarctic ice sheet will collapse – one of the worst-case scenarios in future climate change.
    Over the next few months a team from the British Antarctic Survey, based in Cambridge, UK, and other institutions will set up drilling equipment on the ice above Lake Ellsworth. They will return late next year to drill into the lake.
    Ellsworth is buried under 3 kilometres of ice, in what was once a fjord. The team will break in by firing a jet of hot water into the ice. "We can get through those 3000 metres of ice in about three days," says lead scientist Martin Siegert of the University of Edinburgh, UK. The hot-water drill should also minimise contamination of the lake, as the melted pristine ice from the bottom of the borehole is cleaned and then used in the jet.
    The hole will stay open for only 24 hours. During that time the team will lower in a probe to retrieve samples of water and sediment. A second probe will drill into the sediment on the lake floor and retrieve a core. Afterwards the hole will naturally close up. "It will be as if we were never there," Siegert says.
    "We're confident we'll find life in the sediments," says Martyn Tranter of the University of Bristol, UK, but life in the nutrient-poor water is less likely. Tranter says any living things will be bacteria, perhaps feeding on sulphides from ground-up rock in the sediments.
    Three kilometres above Lake Ellsworth <i>(Image: British Antarctic Survey)</i>
    Three kilometres above Lake Ellsworth (Image: British Antarctic Survey)

    Kidney recipients freed from lifelong drugs

    People who get a kidney transplant usually face a life sentence of drugs that suppress their immune systems – otherwise, their body will reject the new organ. A new cellular therapy could change that.
    Immunosuppressant drugs can have severe side effects, increasing the risk of heart disease, infection, cancer and diabetes. So as well as saving money,dispensing with them would bring major health benefits.
    Samuel Strober at Stanford University in California and colleagues seem to have worked out how to do it. Following transplant surgery, Strober's team first give patients ordinary immunosuppressive drugs, such as cyclosporine. They then apply mild radiation to the lymph nodes, spleen and thymus to further weaken the immune system. This kills some but not all of the patient's white blood cells.
    They also inject antibodies which temporarily destroy the patient's most aggressive white blood cells. "We preferentially delete 'naive T cells', since they are the main subset of white blood cells that reject grafts," Strober says.
    Your body won't like this <i>(Image: Tino Soriano/National Geographic/Getty)</i>
    Your body won't like this (Image: Tino Soriano/National Geographic/Getty)

    Spit bacteria could cause of pancreatic cancer

    Saliva does more than just break down your lunch. It could be key to screening for pancreatic cancer too.
    The notoriously aggressive cancer has received a lot of publicity in recent years with the deaths of Patrick Swayze and Steve Jobs, both of whom suffered from the disease.
    Now, researchers have found that looking for certain bacteria in the mouth could lead to earlier diagnoses and save lives.
    A team led by James Farrell of the University of California, Los Angeles, compared the bacteria in the mouths of 10 healthy people with those in 10 people with pancreatic cancer. They found significant differences in the microbe populations in each group.
    These changes could be used to trigger a check for pancreatic cancer. "It's the canary in the coal mine, an early-warning signal," says Bruce Paster at the Forsythe Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who worked with Farrell to identify the bacteria in the samples. "If you have a disease [such as cancer], it's not usually just restricted to the pancreas or the intestine. Your whole body is affected – things change," he says.

    Sickle cell disease cured by gene knock-out

    Switching off a single gene can help treat sickle cell disease by keeping the blood forever young. The illness is caused by a mutant form of adult haemoglobin, but not by fetal haemoglobin. Targeting BCL11A, the gene responsible for the body's switch-over from fetal to adult haemoglobin, effectively eliminates the condition in mice.
    The mutant form of adult haemoglobin forms long sticky chains inside red blood cells. The cells containing these chains can clog small blood vessels, depriving organs of oxygen and causing pain. In severe cases, sickle cell disease can be fatal. Tricking the body into make fetal haemoglobin again can alleviate symptoms, though.
    That's because fetal haemoglobin does not form sticky chains. However, it is produced in the body only during development in the womb and in the six months following birth. It has a higher affinity for oxygen than adult haemoglobin, vital in allowing the developing fetus to "steal" oxygen from its mother's blood.

    MacBook Pros constrained, new models appear in Apple’s inventory system

    Apple’s current line of MacBook Pros is heavily constrained with all models appearing to be nearly out of stock. Don’t fear, though, if you want a MacBook Pro because new models are right around the corner. Updates to all MacBook Pro models have appeared in Apple’s inventory system for the 13 inch, 15 inch, and 17 inch screen sizes. Apple will continue to ship two 13 inch models, two 15 inch models, and one 17 inch model.

    iPhone 4S sells out completely across U.S. carriers

    The iPhone 4S has sold out completely across AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint reports Businessweek. While you can still get your order in, delivery in AT&T’s case has been pushed back 3 -4 weeks. Shipping should be similar for Verizon and Sprint too, but they aren’t providing a time frame on their website.

    Apple announced it had sold 1 million iPhone 4Ss across 100 world carriers in 24 hours in contrast with 600,000 across the five launch countries in 2010 with the iPhone 4.

    Apple: iPhone 4S pre-orders hit one million in 24 hours

    Apple has just issued a press release confirming they have topped one million pre-orders for the iPhone 4S in 24 hours. This surpasses the previous single day pre-order record of 600,000 held by iPhone 4. It also comes after AT&T on Friday confirmed processing over 200,000 preorders in the first 12 hours alone. Apple quoted its worldwide marketing honcho Phil Schiller in the release:
    We are blown away with the incredible customer response to iPhone 4S. The first day pre-orders for iPhone 4S have been the most for any new product that Apple has ever launched and we are thrilled that customers love iPhone 4S as much as we do.
    Full press release after the break.

    NASA Awards the Largest Prize in Aviation History to an All-Electric, Super-Efficient Aircraft

    Pipistrel's Taurus G4 NASA HQ Photo

    NASA has awarded the single largest prize handed down in aviation history to Team Pipistrel-USA.com for designing and demonstrating its Taurus G4 electric aircraft. Per the rules of the NASA- and Google-sponsored CAFE Green Flight Challenge, Pipistrel’s Taurus G4 covered 200 miles in less than 2 hours and did so on the electricity equivalent of less than one gallon of fuel per passenger, scoring $1.35 million for the effort.
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