Easy Way To Turn Your Windows 7 Any Version To Ultimate

Hello dears today i am gonna telling you a new thing i.e. how you can convert your windows 7 any version to ultimate version easily without formatting your pc.we know that Windows 7 ultimate is that such version where you can everything rather than the other version of windows 7 such as-

  • Personalization
  • Different Themes
  • Windows Media Center and many other functions

Generally now a days whenever we buy our pc or lappy from the store we can see that there is the OS of windows 7 Home Basic edition which is pre-builted by the respected company and in this edition you cant get the functions that I have listed above.Now i can guess that you are little bit excited how to convert your pc OS to windows 7 Ultimate edition without formatting your lappy or pc.

How To Convert Your Windows 7 Any Version To Windows 7 Ultimate:
Here I am giving you a upgradation serial key which will help you out from this problem.

Serial Key-342DG6YJR8X92GVV7DCVP4K27

How And Where To Use This Serial Key:
  1. Click on "Start" option
  2. Choose "Upgrade your windows" option
  3. Then put the above serial key
After activating the serial key it will reboot your pc twice and then you can enjoy the Windows 7 Ultimate.
So friends just try this out and enjoy all the additional functional edition of windows i.e. Windows 7 Ultimate.

If you have any problem or suggestion then dont forget to comment.Thank you :)