Devices With Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich Could Launch This October

Rumors are flying about Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich to be pushed up for release this October and the guys over at BGR say they have a credible source attesting to that fact.
A release with this date would mean Google is angling to slave off customers from coming out of contracts around the same time to make the move to Apple’s iPhone 5, expected to be released at a similar time.
Ice Cream Sandwich will offer a ton of updates to Honeycomb such as USB host support and movie/music rentals which we reported back in May.  The update is perhaps the most anticipated Android version yet, with many users chiming in on what features they would like to see.  As we reported here, Google execs said this would be Google’s “everywhere” OS for mobile phones, tablets and other connected devices and our readers were quick to let their opinion be known and post their wants and desires too.
So as the release of Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich seems closer than ever, what kinds of features are you expecting and keeping your fingers crossed for?