Download Brand New Google+ Theme For Windows 7

                  Google Plus Wallpaper 04 VikiTech Download Brand New Google+ Windows 7 Theme

Google Plus the new social network by Google. Google Plus is pretty good and loads fast.Google Plus looks solid and is quite awesome to use. icon wink Download Brand New Google+ Windows 7 Theme  Google Plus got attention of many internet users and it started growing rapidly. It has also fired the imagination of artists and has generated a number of artworks based on the Google Plus theme and presentation. Here is cool brand new Google+ theme for windows user .

Key Features of Google Plus Windows 7 Theme
Google Plus Theme for Windows consists of ,
  • 20+ Hi-Res Wallpapers,
  • Custom Icons,
  • Sounds and
  • Cursors
Bring the minimalist yet elegant feel of Google Plus to your desktop with this theme.

Download: Google+ Windows 7 Theme