Download Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 Free

Microsoft Mathematics is a freeware tool that has the primary function to assist users in learning the science of math more easily and quickly. It has designed like calculator simulation (user-friendly interface) so make its easy to use for users.

The best from Microsoft mathematics, this provides step-by-step instructions the mathequation problem solving and explains fundamental concepts. Microsoft Mathematics is standalone software but also can be integrated with Microsoft word using add-ins. MicrosoftMathematics 4.0 (the latest version) work under windows operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2, Windows XP SP3, windows Server 2008.

Microsoft Mathematics Features :
  • The step-by-step Equation Solver to help students to learn more hot to solve difficult math problems.
  • Graphic calculator provided full features and large 2D and enhanced 3D color graphs can better illustrate problems and concepts.
  • More than 100 commonly used equations and formula to help identify and applyequations in Formulas and Equations Library.
  • Triangle Solver — This graphing tool explains triangles and their parts.
  • Quickly and easily convert units of measure, including length, area, volume, weight, temperature, pressure, energy, power, velocity and time from Unit Convertion tools.
Download : Microsoft Mathematics 4.0