How we can help save the environment and go green with our phones

eco phone5 How we can help save the environment and go green with our phonesMobile phones are an integral aspect of our modern lives. So it is vital that we properly integrate them into our environmentally conscious strategies. Otherwise, we just fill our world’s landfills with trash that doesn’t degrade fast enough unnecessarily. In order to help you achieve this goal, we’ve assembled these eight steps to being green-minded when it comes to your mobile.

1. Opt for SIM only contracts.

Most of us are in the habit of getting a new phone each time our current contract expires. Ask yourself, is that necessary? If you can answer no to that question, then SIM only contracts may be the better option. Not only are they less expensive, but they allow you to reuse that cell phone and battery that might otherwise go in the trash.

2. Think green when choosing your phone.

Our core goal as an environmentally conscious citizen should be to keep our carbon footprint as small as is possible, and this applies to buying a phone as well. Here’s a common example: You’re a loyal customer, so when you re-new your contract, the provider offers you a free upgrade to a bigger phone. If you don’t actually need that extra power, however, it’s doing more harm than it is good.

3. Award the green companies.

For businesses, it can be quite expensive to “go green,” and they often lose money doing it. Therefore, it is important for us, the consumers, to reward them by giving them our business. If we don’t do that, then there is little incentive, outside of the altruistic ones, for them to continue the program.

4. Limit power consumption.

We think power conservation in the home because we’re paying the bill. It’s easy not to think about power consumption when it comes to our mobiles, but if we do it, we can extend the life our batteries considerably. If everyone in the world did that, it would make a tremendous difference.

5. Use power-saving apps.

An easy way to conserve power is to reduce screen brightness. It’s typically overly bright by default anyway. Another way is power conservation apps. These apps can automatically shut down other apps and services after they go unused for an extended period, and this forgetfulness is one of the ways users waste a lot of power.

6. Use other green apps.

The app market has a wide range of tools available that make us better at being green. We’re not just referring to being green with our phone but being green in all facets of our lives. We can shop greener and maintain greener homes by utilizing the tools that we can carry around with us in our pockets.

7. Donate old cell phones.

When it does come time to upgrade your mobile, it is vital that you properly recycle the old one. The good news is that most of the service providers have a built-in service to do that. Nevertheless, the better way to recycle your phone is to donate it. Charitable organizations and other entities, such as the military, put these donated phones to good use.

8. Sell your old phone.

However, these are tough times, and many of us are working on limited budgets, forced to do more with less. In that case, selling you phone may be the better option. In fact, there are recycling services available online that will pay you for you to mail in your old phone. It’s not a great amount, but every bit helps.