Samsung Releases Magical Teaser Video for Mobile Unpacked Event


When considering missing niches in the current smartphone market, it’s obvious that there’s a severe shortage in magically glowing phones. Samsung intends to correct this issue with an announcement at the upcoming Mobile Unpacked event at Berlin, Germany’s IFA. Apple was unavailable for comment, but it’s expected that they’ll follow suit with a magically “luminescent” phone, which is of course completely different.
In all seriousness, this little teaser video from Samsung has me curious as to what they’ve got up their sleeves. Phandroid makes a good point in mentioning the upcoming release of LTE in Germany, which would pave the way for a surprise LTE-infused Galaxy S II phone. Of course, at this point, it’s all rumor and conjecture, so we can only speculate on what mystery device is in the works, but we’ll be keeping our eyes out for any announcements. Video after the break.