US Cellular switching to tiered data plans with LTE on track for November

Are all the carriers playing follow the leader? Perhaps it’s more a setup of falling dominos. Following the pack, US Cellular announced in an earnings call that they will be moving to tiered data plans. No hard details on those plans are known at this time.
US Cellular also pointed out they’re still on track to bring 4G in November, with at least one LTE enabled smartphone to hit around the same time. Is this announcement of tiered data hitting alongside 4G due to congestion fears? Since all the carriers seem to be falling suit there must be a good reason for it right?
The end of tiered data just doesn’t feel right, but I’m trying to understand and appreciate where the carriers are coming from. Currently, I seem to be a 2 gig a month guy using as much WiFi as I can while at home or work, but this may change. Now that we can stream Netflix on our phones and enjoy our music streaming from the cloud I can see why carriers are trying to manage the data. I’d have to guess with 4G hitting more areas there will be more applications to take advantage of this experience and use even more data.
What do you think about this and how much data are you currently using monthly?