Mac osx Lion VS Windows 7 which 1 is better? Let's check this out

Apple’s recently released Mac OS X Lion is doing pretty well, with 1 million copies sold in its first day of availability. Since we’ve had the chance to taste a piece of the new operating system, it’s time we compare the newly arrived with the popular leader, Microsoft’s Windows 7.
One of Apple’s main advantages over Windows is the Mac App store, which offers users the chance to download a wide range of applications straight from the platform. For the time being, Microsoft lacks the feature.
mac os x lion vs windows 7 Mac OS X Lion and Windows 7: What Is Your Pick?
 When it comes to Web browsing, Lion has another plus: its built in browser, Safari is faster than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and has a more attractive design. Coming to support Apple’s idea that the future of computing is the multitouch technology, Mac OS X Lion supports a full range of multitouch gestures.
Microsoft has managed to improve the security of its operating system and Windows 7 truly is more secure than any previous version. But Apple’s new Lion isn’t doing bad either; the platform is particularly designed for average users to feel safe, whenever they face any sort of security problem.
Another Mac OS X Lion plus is the Resume and Versions feature, thanks to which users can go back where they left off after restarting their computers or applications or to different versions of a file.
When it comes to polish and refinement, Lion wins again. Although Windows 7 is better than XP or Vista, it still doesn’t reach the level of refinement of Mac OS X Lion.
Being far more affordable than the $100 Windows 7, Lion is only $29.99 and is available digitally, at Mac App store. Plus, users might get confused when deciding to buy a Windows 7, since it comes in so many versions, from Starter to Ultimate. With Mac Lion, it’s a all-in-one option.
That being said, Microsoft should watch out for the new comer.
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