Send Fake E-mails !!!...

Hello Friends...

After Seeing The heading you must be wondering what type of fake E-mails?
So i will tell you how hackers used to send

Anonymous & Fake E-mails from any sender ID to any E-mail. You are thinking correct from Any E-mail to any E-mail
For ex.
Yes My Friend There's Such a Trick Present On The Internet Cyber Space & This Type Of Mailing Is Termed As Email Spoofing So Let Me Brief You About It There Are Such
E-mail Services Created Specially For This Kind Of Thing ...
Here's One Of Them Please Do Not Spread It!
So Now You Saw How Simple This Is!! And See How Small Tricks Can Turn Into Disasters!! So The Next Time You Receive Any E-mail Think Twice That Really This Is Really A Real E-mail Or You Have Been Tricked

Google : This Is Just To Aware The Users Present On The Cyber Space & This Do Not
Promote Any Violent Activity & This Is Just For Education Purpose & Awaring People!

Disclaimer : This is just for educational purpose and do not promote any kind of spam or illegal activity and please remember , This is not to teach you But to Aware You!