Best way to remotely control your desktop PC, MAC, iPhone, tablet PC, Android

Its the best application to control Windows or Mac, from iPhone, Android or even remotely control your PC or MAC from another MAC or PC. As you can see in the video, you can not only play videos or audio files but also attempt to play something 3D.

From what I did not realize, however, is that Splashtop has also launched an application for Windows that allows us to connect to another machine with Windows or OS X.

This gives versatility to Splashtop as its plateform independent ans is available in Windows and could be a way, for example, to run some games in a netbook that originally could not. Same with running HD videos, which usually would not work in any normal netbook or tablet PC.

In addition, it is a great way to work with another PC, as it give us a near-native speed of the OS.

In summary, highly recommended, if you need to work with remote desktops. Or a great way to start working with them.