Google Launches new Music Blog called Magnifier

Back during the Google I/O, the company announced on of its upcoming product called Music Beta. Now, the search engine giant just recently launched a new music blog to help its users discover new music, get more information on the bands they like and also add free tracks to their Music Beta by Google accounts.

Apparently, it seems that Google has finally entered in the content business. The blog would be edited by Tim Quirk – current head of global content programming and Google and former senior vice president of Rhapsody.
Users will be able to grab free music which will be added to their Music Beta accounts and they can later play them without the need of downloading the songs. This music library created on Music Beta will stream to up to eight devices, including Android devices and Google TV.
Google Magnifier also has Google+ integrations and users will be able +1 their favorites as well on this new blog. It will also allow users to share tracks with their friends on Google+ although we still expect some more integration between both the services will be available at a later time.