Wild Imagination iPhone 5 & iPad 3 – A fable in Pictures

With no word from the Apple orchards about the upcoming Apple season that is the iPhone 5 , people are going gaga over their fav Phone and Tab. It has risen above their imaginative concepts and has given birth to various versions of ideas based on rumors and speculations. But there has been no such say about the iPhone from the Apple brats.
There is also no shortage of dreams for the iPad 3 which also has the same fate as the iphone. So here we have a ride of our imagination :

concept iphone

iPhone Pro

The iPhone Pro is a hybrid concept from ADR Studio an Italian design firm. It has a MagSafe connector for charging made easy, wider display, and most importantly gorgeous looks that is its USP.

iPhone Full Screen

This iPhone 5 concept is only 4mm thick and has no home button. It is bigger by a 4.5-inch edge-to-edge display and has an integrated SIM designed by Alternative Industries.

iPhone 5G

The iPhone 5G is the phone version of the infamous iPod Nano. It is a rounded top and bottom phone concept from French design studio NAK and comes in four color options, like the iPod Nano line.

iPhone Air

It is a lovely disambiguation by Federico Ciccarese who has merged an iPhone 4 with a MacBook Air. It is thus the result of their love child, the iPhone Air.

iPhone Evolution

When every single person on earth is imagining a design for the iPhone then why can the Polish be far behind. It has an top-up of iPad-like metal back and contour, while the front and side remain similar to the iPhone 4. Designed by Polish major Midsailors it is an incremental update approach to the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 (S)

The iPhone 5 (S) is the similar stuff as the iPhone 4 but adds ‘invisible [light, proximity] sensors’ at the top, a 4-inch screen, a FaceTime HD camera at the front, and an 8-megapixel shooter on the back. It is designed by Guilherme Schasiepen.

Glossy iPhone 5

The glossy iPhone 5 is the lightest of all the imaginative concept till now designed by Moldavian designer Roman Sima which encapsulates the iPhone within a showcase plastic cover. This is the reason for it being lighter.

Slide-up iPhone 5

Let’s bring in Joy seems to be the motive of Joy Studios which features a larger, 4.2-inch display. Further lacks a home button, which is replaced by a touch-sensitive area (slide up to open the multitasking menu).

Curvy iPhone 5

This iPhone 5 is inspired about the mock up by wildfire rumors which came from designer Pietro Schirano.

Mood LED iPhone 5

This iPhone 5 is by far much more practical and appealing concept.It has a LED in the home button which flashes upon reactions. It blinks white when there’s a notification, green for an incoming call or charging, or red when the battery is low. It is thought processed by Bangladeshi designer Kazi Shahriar Ahmed.

Size Zero iPhone 5

This is conceptualized by Antonello Falcon. It features a 4.6-inch display with curved glass edges, in a thin (8.4mm), yet longer form factor and a soft touch home button.

Glossy iPad 3

Designer Roman Sima designed a glossy iPad 3 to match its iPhone 5 counterpart. It comes smooth with a profile and corners, compared to the iPad 2.

iPad 3 Meets iPhone 4

The iPad 3 concept is from Guilherme Schasiepen. It is a fusion of iPhone 4 and the iPad 2, has a glass back, as well as a metal band on the sides.

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