Facebook Launches In-Depth Guide For Businesses

Late yesterday Facebook announced “Facebook for Businesses” providing users clear and concise directions for properly marketing on Facebook.  This is very similar to last month’s “Twitter for Newsrooms” as both are official resources for entry level participants.  The variety of marketing options on Facebook can be daunting for new marketers, but this guide does a great job explaining the various opportunities Facebook has for businesses.
The Facebook for Businesses focuses on pages, ads, sponsored stories and the main platform.  It was a bit surprising to see the places weren’t pushed further in the content since it’s an area that confuses businesses.
Here is a look at some sample recommendations that Facebook makes about pages themselves:
  • Set some goals: Use your goals to shape the content on your Page to ensure it is useful and relevant
  • Share exclusive content: Post photos, videos, menus or other “sneak peaks” about new products and events
  • Check your page daily: Set aside 5-10 minutes each day to post updates and respond to comments
  • Create a Conversation Calendar: This will help you remember when, where and what to post
Of course this comes at a perfect time as Google+ is struggling with how to implement businesses on their network.  Previous  networks have fizzled out when new competition arises, but this announcement and the “Awesome Announcement” this month, are signs Facebook plans to stay on top of the social food chain.