Want to Try Apple Software Before You Buy? Visit an Apple Store

Mac App Store

Reading App Store reviews and opinions from a variety of websites only does so much, if you really want to know what an app is like, you have to use it yourself. Some apps offer light versions as free downloads on the App Store, but what about the others? What if you’re on the fence about upgrading to OS X Lion?
The easiest way to try out any Apple software is by just visiting an Apple Store and sitting down with one of their Macs. They’re bundled with a ton of apps at the stores so you can try out things like Mac OS X Lion, the entire iLife and iWork suites, Final Cut Pro X, Aperture, even a bunch of third party apps and games.
Beyond Macs, you can do the same with iPads, iPods, and iPhones, and Apple Stores typically load up their iOS gear with a wide variety of apps and games to experience. I’ve even heard stories of customers requesting to use and try certain apps, and Apple Store employees downloading the app for that trial purpose.
I saw this suggested on Lifehacker a while back, and initially though it was kind of dumb and obvious tip, but now I have found myself recommending to family and friends to go and try out some of the new apps in person, the same way they might check out new Apple hardware before buying. If you live near an Apple Store, why not? It beats trying to negotiate the App Store refund process, which doesn’t reimburse apps you just don’t like anyway.